Interested in volunteering with GAP? Already a long time volunteer and looking to upskill? Or just want to hear a little bit more about what we do here at GAP?
Please join us at the GAP Volunteer Training Session on Tuesday the 20th February from 7 – 8:30 pm and learn about volunteering with GAP.
-What GAP does
-Role of Volunteer Club Assistant
-Autism – myths, facts, what to expect – questions are welcome!
-Health and Safety in clubs and camps
-Child Protection and reporting
-Supporting individuals through their needs and strengths
-Working with children and adults with autism
-Strategies to support people with autism in distress
-How to minimise the risk and likelihood of behaviours that challenge
-Communication strategies
-Creating a safe and welcoming environment for people with autism
-Use of visuals and communication aids

Please come along! All are welcome and discussion is encouraged.

Please call 091 5888 99 or email: