Many families ask us time and time again for the same information. There is a lot of information out there, some confusing or written in very jargon based language. This guide for families & individuals contains information regarding:

  • Brief description of Autism
  • Health services
  • State supports you can apply for
  • Education

It is only a guide and information can change .for up to date information please check goverenment/State websites  such as

. It is aimed primarily at parents of children under 18 years. To request a copy please contact our office 091-588899



Galway City and County libraries carry over 200 titles on Autism. Library membership is a very low-cost way to find books on autism spectrum disorders. Books can also be sometimes requested from one branch to another. Contact your local library for more information.  To view the online library catalogue for books about autism CLICK here

To find your local library branch CLICK here

Some instructions created by one of our members on how to create a weight blanket

DISCLAIMER – PLEASE NOTE- you must always seek the professional advice of your child’s occupation therapist or team for before using ANY weighted products.

The instructions in the page are not intended to replace any professional therapist and should not be considered as such.




Click below for a list of TV programmes, films and documentaries that have autism-related content.

Sensory Sensitivity-this video may cause sensory overload

Autism-Related TV Programmes
Autism-Related Films
Autism-Related Documentaries


Useful Web sources 

The Middletown Centre for Autism

The National Autistic Society



Autism Discussion Page




Autistic Not Weird





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