Parent/Guardian Meeting with HSE 17th April 2018 – Presentations and Meeting Notes NOW ONLINE

Thank you to all the families who attended the meeting on Tuesday 17th of April. In total there was over 55 families who attended which was fantastic! This meeting was a follow up one to the one held in March 2017 at Merlin Park Hospital. These meetings have come about by parents working as a team to put pressure on the HSE.

A special thank you to the volunteer Parent Committee Mary Moynihan Conneely, Rionach Ni Neill, Colette Dempsey , Alan Ambrose and Oonagh Lally and Edel Abberton. The committee consisted of members and trustees of Galway Autism Partnership (trustees are volunteers- they do not get any reward monetary or otherwise). Mary also serves as a parent rep in a volunteer capacity on the steering committee over the ASD team and also donated her expertise as a professional advocate ate for free.

The Parent Committee was set up at the end of last years meeting it to look at the issues facing families waiting or with the team. It was and is not there duty to solve the problems of the HSE.There was many meetings held at Galway Autism PArtnership over the last year until the meeting this April 2018 they will continue .

The priority for the parents committee and Galway Autism Partnership is to Advocate for the families affected where we can with out limited resources .The parents on the committee are all raising a child or children on the autism spectrum themselves.


1.Synopsis of how the current ASD team came about and the Parent Working group

2.There was 3 Individual presentations on the Day by

  • Frances Forde Project Coordinator HSE
  • Hazel  Moore Senior Psychologist and Clinical lead of ASD Team  HSE
  • The Parents Working Group (voluntary group of parents) see below just click on the arrows to advance the presentation 

To download a copy of the presentation you can visit here Download HERE

3.Notes from the Meeting below

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