Parents/guardians who have a child under or are on the waiting list for the Galway Roscommon Autism Team which is based in Athenry Primary Care Centre Co. Galway are invited to an open meeting with the HSE on Tuesday the 17th of April from 10.30am to 11.30pm in Merlin Park Hospital Block B in Meeting Room (Main Building attached to Hospital Chapel) see

Attending the meeting will be

John Fitzmaurice Disability Manager HSE CHO2

Clare Gormley Psychology Manager

Frances Forde Galway Roscommon ASD Team liaison officer

Hazel Moore Senior Psychologist/ Team Lead Galway Roscommon ASD Team

Parents Working Group (some of whom are with Galway Autism Partnership)



This is a follow up meeting to the one held in March 2017 at Merlin Park Hospital. The focus of the meeting is the Galway Roscommon ASD Service with the Galway Roscommon Autism Spectrum Disorder Team based in Athenry Co. Galway.


It is essential there is a LARGE attendance. As only numbers will help continue the pressure on the HSE to make changes to improve the current situation. Through their presence at the meeting, parents must show the HSE they are still unhappy with the service and willing to take action.  Ultimate control of the service rests with the national leadership, so we need the local management to report a large turnout to their National Management!


If you are a school please inform parents about this meeting

At the last open meeting in March 2017, a parents working group was formed. This working group consists of parents whose children are with or awaiting the Galway Roscommon Autism Team some of whom are also volunteer trustees with Galway Autism Partnership. The working group have been meeting consistently with the HSE ASD team liaison with the aim of giving these children a voice in a voluntary capacity.


At the meeting

  • HSE staff will review the current status and future of the ASD service
  • Parents will learn what changes were made to the service as a result of the meeting in March 2017
  • HSE staff will answer parents’ questions in a Q and A session at the meeting


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The meeting with take place in Merlin Park Hospital Block B in Meeting Room (Main Building attached to Hospital Chapel) see below

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