GAP would not exist without fundraising. It is still our main source of income. We need YOUR support to continue to run GAP clubs, support and information to our many families and individuals on the autism spectrum. If you would like to run a fundraising event big or small for GAP please contact our office. If your company has a charity of the year please consider nominating GAP.

GAP does not get funding from the State or any National Autism organization. We aim to keep our costs low so monies raised can benefit those who need our help and support.


GAP is making the difference in our community. We are working hard with our limited resources (both in personnel & income) to make life better for people living with autism in our community. People on the autism spectrum bring unique qualities talents and experience like any other person. They and their families deserve an equal chance at life experiences. With all the cuts in services within our health system, many families are really struggling. Things like the GAP clubs and camps give families a break and their child or young person a chance to enjoy something independently of their family.



To contact GAP office phone GAP office 091588899

To donate to GAP text BLUE to 50300 to donate €4 to GAP or visit iDonate at

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