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As a non-funded, community based charity, corporate partnership can make a huge difference to GAP. A partnership with GAP could help build your company’s corporate image, staff morale and customer loyalty.







Why choose GAP?

GAP is making a difference in our community. We are working hard with our limited resources (both in personnel & income) to make life better for people living with autism.


People on the autism spectrum bring unique qualities, talents and experience like any other person. They and their families deserve an equal chance at life experiences. With all the cuts in services within our health system and the long waiting lists, many families are really struggling. GAP clubs and camps give the child or young person a chance to enjoy an activity independently of their family while giving the other members of their family a break. The peer support offered by GAP is important both to families undergoing the diagnosis journey and to families who are transitioning from one stage to another in their lives. Without your support, GAP cannot continue to offer these supports.


You could choose GAP for a specific volunteering opportunity, a community engagement program, a long term partnership or as your Charity of the Year. GAP will work with you to create and build a mutually beneficial partnership.


You could:

DCI Staff during their Jersey Day for GAP

  • Initiate a Payroll Giving Scheme in your company
  • Provide gifts in kind to GAP (discounted or free products or services)
  • Make a corporate donation (see our Gift to GAP Corporate Gift)
  • Volunteer (once off help with gardening/painting etc or bucket collections/fundraising)
  • Organise an event in your workplace to raise money for GAP


All corporate donations to Galway Autism Partnership are eligible for tax relief at the corporate rate, reducing the actual cost of the donation.