At GAP we run camps and clubs from ages 3 upwards. For information on the types and location of clubs we run please contact our office Phone 091-588899.

Clubs and Camps are open to children and adults with a diagnosis of autism, BUT ALSO those undergoing or awaiting assessment for autism. We also occasionally run camps/clubs for siblings. Clubs and Camps operate dependent on our financial and human resources as GAP does not have a guaranteed funding source but fund raises to keep open and operational.

Please note: In line with good governance, GAP contacts its members before each new term to obtain expressions of interest from our members. This helps us to manage our resources efficiently and effectively, but also so that there is parity and fairness for all members.

As a small community led charity, we rely on fundraising to keep operational, and so we have to manage what resources we have very efficiently. GAP does not have State Funding. Fundraising is how the doors of GAP stay open and operational.

Our members are welcome to contact the office at anytime if their is a need for a club or camp in their area, subject to the resources we have available at the time.

 Regarding our Junior clubs 3-6 age group GAP is required to apply to TUSLA under Child Protection regulations for license to run such a club. As GAP is not a childcare facility, each time a junior clubs is needed, GAP has to apply to TUSLA to run that club. Junior Clubs also are run with a higher adult to child ratio – we aim for one on one as children in this age group tend to have higher care needs and often may need personal care too.

A large proportion of our volunteers are students so we can tend to struggle in areas outside the city for volunteers as a result. In this case members can really help with their local knowledge to help recruit volunteers for their area, even if it is just putting up a poster etc. Nothing beats local knowledge so help from the local community in recruiting volunteers can really be helpful .

All our volunteers are Garda vetted and attend an induction session.

Your child’s/family member’s health and well being is our utmost priority.

To view any of our policies inc Admissions and Vetting policy please visit

Please do contact the GAP office if you have any questions pertaining to GAP clubs or volunteering.

To find out more contact GAP Office:

Phone 091588899 or Email

or keep an eye on the GAP Facebook Page.