This week, we’ve had a Transition Year student from Colaiste Éinde working with us in the GAP Office. Conor has been a fantastic help in the office and has also written a very entertaining blog post on his experience with Work Experience.   Experiencing Work by Conor Timlin For the past two weeks, I haven’t been in school. Not that I’ve been mitching, no, I’d get caught for that during the first few hours. I’ve been on work experience (although you probably guessed from the title). The whole year of TY students in my school were told by the school to go on work experience, learning what having a job is like, at least for the people who don’t already help out in their relative’s corner shop (normally for peanuts). The only thing that annoyed me during that period was that the school didn’t lift a finger to help us with finding places, save for a few suggestions. Many of the people in my class found it hard to find places, and yet last year, our teacher said, “everyone got a full two weeks of work”. I expect that was an exaggeration by the students before us, little white lies saving themselves from trouble. Even I found finding places difficult, not being able to get the full two weeks. Although I wasn’t really the person who was finding the places, I only suggested the businesses and buildings I wanted to work in to my parents. My first job was two days in the School of Chemistry at NUIG. I, being more physics-oriented, was a little apprehensive going to the department, in my mind (although a few days after I finished, I was reminded by a […]